My ongoing journey

I believe my body type juggles between Mesomorph (Muscular) & Endomorph (high Fat & Bone structure). The problem with this is, i can easily gain weight if i don't follow proper diet plan and similarly i can lost weight easily as well.

Time and again i have been in a cycle of Weight Loss since my college days back in 2006. Junk food & unhealthy life style in college led to massive amount of weight gain and a real bad shape around waist. 

I have been actively involved in Fitness via Sports or Gym since college days. So i have never had a problem in burning calories. The only problem i had was my mindset - Eat whatever and in whichever quantity you want, it will not make you fat and unhealthy since you are burning calories. This mindset 'Eat everything and Burn calories' led me to a consistent increase in Fat percentage in my body.

Since my journey with Fittr for 12 weeks transformation from 2nd March to 2nd June 2020, i came to know importance of Food in your daily diet. All my misconcepts, assumptions were cleared as i was able to shed 20 plus kgs with just proper discipline in Diet (Protein, Carbs & Fat). It's not only calories what you are eating until you break it down to how much Protein, Carbs & Fat you are eating. Since my journey with Fittr, i have found a new passion in reading articles related to Fitness, Nutrition and watching videos as well.


1. 2006 - 2010: College Days

    Exercise type: Occasionally into Fitness & Sports 

    Weight: 70Kg to 80Kg 

    Diet: Imbalanced (Junk, Unhealthy lifestyle)

2. 2010 - 2014: Work life phase 1

   Exercise: Regular and occasionally playing Sports on weekends

   Weight Range: 80 kg to 89 kg

   Diet: Imbalanced (Occasionally Junk food)

3. 2014 - 2016: Work life Phase 2

    Exercise: Regular Gym with daily 6 kms walk

    Weight: 89Kg to 76 kg

    Diet: Imbalanced(Less Junk food, burning more calories)

4. 2017 - 2020: Work life Phase 3

     Exercise: Regular Gym and walk

     Weight: Gain (From 76 kg to 95 kg)

     Diet: Imbalanced (Junk Food)

5. 2020 - Ongoing

    Exercise: 5 days a week, walking plus Sports activites.

    Weight: Loss (From 95kg to 72 kg)

    Diet: Balanced ( 5 days + 2 days leisure)


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