Importance of Water

 Listed below are just 5 major healthy benefits of drinking water.

1. Increase in brain power and energy.

               Because your brain is 70% water, it is important to sustain this level. Drinking water helps you think, focus, concentrate and stay alert. Maintaining this fluid level will help improve energy levels.

2. Helps with weight management and weight loss.

               Water helps remove fat by-products and makes you feel more full. Water also helps in breaking down foods more efficiently and effectively.

3. Water flushes toxins out of your body.

               Water helps your body flush out waste through sweat and urination. Water also helps maintain kidney function.

4. Maintain regularity.

               Drinking water helps digest everything you eat, thus helping your body absorb nutrients. Drinking water can prevent constipation.

5. Helps regulate body temperature.

               Your body needs enough water to regulate your body's temperature through perspiration. Sweat is a natural cooling system for your body.


How can you increase your water intake?

1. Carry a bottle (reusable) of water with you.

2. Set reminders on your refrigerator, phone, and on your "to do" list.

3. Drink water at all meals and with snacks.

4. Track your water intake.

5. Make water taste better to you by adding citrus fruits (infused water) or drinking herbal tea.


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