Below are some of the common misconcepts, questions, doubts addressed which should be taken into consideration before plunging into fitness journey:

The role of genetics on body size

Experts don’t all agree as to how much genetics influence our actual body size, but estimates usually range from 25%-40%. If you flip this around, it means that your eating choices and activity level still has the greatest impact on how big you are–from 60%-75%.

The human body is amazing!

How often do you stop to marvel at your amazing body? Think of the complex and intricate organ systems–a beating heart, digestion and absorption, the five senses, immune defenses, the ability to make new skin. And, you have an incredible brain to coordinate it all–thousands of activities per second! How often do you feel grateful for all the things your body can do?

A Healthy Weight

We’re only given one body, and we should treat it with the respect and care it deserves. It’s time to focus on keeping our bodies healthy, not trying to change how we look.

Strive to be at a realistic, healthy weight for your body type. This is the weight you naturally reach when you eat well–regular balanced, wholesome meals and snacks, neither overstuffing nor depriving yourself of food, and listening to your body’s hunger and fullness cues. This is the weight you naturally reach when you live well–exercise moderately, deal with your emotions in a healthy way, get enough rest and nurture your spirit. And this is the weight at which you will feel energized and strong.

Instead of focusing on a specific number of pounds or a certain pant size, put your energy into a healthy way of living. Accept, appreciate and respect your one-of-a-kind, magnificent, uniquely-formed body!


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