Importance of Fitness Community

In the advent age of internet, there are great number of Health & Fitness Community groups over social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter which are easily accessible and are totally free.

The amount of knowledge which is accessible today over the internet will enable you to learn everything about Health, Fitness & Nutrition at your fingertips and in your convenient time.

I'll share few of the links below which i think will be useful for anyone to start their journey into Health & Fitness Industries:

Facebook Communities:

1. Fittr (previously known as SQUATS):  This is the one community which inspired me personally which is transforming millions of people's lives and creating interest in Fitness industry day to day. You can see amazing Body & Health Transformations happening on daily basis in their App as well as Facebook page. The community itself is extremely responsive and it has set of well trained fitness experts who are certified in Fitness & Nutrition who will be guiding you should you have any questions.

2. INFS (Institute of Nutrition & Fitness Sciences) : This community is for self learning and for those who have developed interest in pursuing Nutrition & Fitness more deeply. It's also for those who wants to build their career in fitness industry as this page offers certifications as well.

Youtube Channels:



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