How to get most out of this blog

Navigating through sites can be confusing since content gets changed on regular basis which can be very difficult to keep track of what you are following.

As this blog is common for different types of audiences who are at different stages (beginner, intermediate or professional) in their fitness journeys, sitemap for each audience should be different.

Henceforth, i will be creating overall sitemap on this page for each specific audience so that you can have easily navigate through points which you want to cover rather than self browsing:

Assuming you are new to health & fitness community and want to understand some key concepts before diving into Goal Based Fitness plans, you can start by going through each topic in tab LEARN.

It will have explanation to all the key concepts like Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Diet, Metabolism and it will also have some information on key terminologies used in Fitness industries.

Beginners: Beginners Journey 

Fitness Plans: Fitness Plans

Quick Notes:

  • Apart from the targeted Audience, you can view the latest posts getting published on regular basis by subscribing to this blog. Any Feedback regarding the content is much appreciated.
  • You will find some of the content which is referred from other sites as well. I have tried to collate some of information available on internet and paired it up with my view so that it's easy for the audience to get all the relevant information in one single place.


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