Health is state of body, mind and soul all of them working together for a common goal. If you are fit Mentally, Physically and Socially and you are doing everything you can to maintain your state then you are a healthy person.

Physical Health:

  • If you don't take care of your body while you are young, then your body will not take care of you when you get older. 
  • Let's take analogy of a car, when you purchase a new car you tend to do regular service, you put fuel which is compatible to your car and you are cautious about any breakage in the car so that it doesn't cause any trouble when you drive the car. Let's consider our body as a car which requires fuel on daily basis and regular body check-ups to ensure your physical health is in good state and if there are any issues, then you can start working on fixing those issues either via a treatment or medication which is easily available now adays rather than reaching to a stage where the damage is direly done to your body and there is not point of recovery.

Mental Health:

Your Body will reach to your state of Mind. If you are mind is strong & Healthy, then you can achieve better results in Physical Health and somehow both Physical & Mental Health are co-related to each other.


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