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Navigating through sites can be confusing since content gets changed on regular basis which can be very difficult to keep track of what you are following.As this blog is common for different types of audiences who are at different stages (beginner, intermediate or professional) in their fitness journeys, sitemap for each audience should be different.Henceforth, i will be creating overall sitemap on this page for each specific audience so that you can have easily navigate through points which you want to cover rather than self browsing:Assuming you are new to health & fitness community and wants to understand some key concepts before diving into Goal Based Fitness plans, you can start by going through each topic in tab LEARN.It will have explanation to all the key concepts like Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Diet, Metabolism and it will also have some information on key terminologies used in Fitness industries.Refer Beginners Journey to get you started.Quick Notes:Apart from the targe…

Importance of Water

Listed below are just 5 major healthy benefits of drinking water.1. Increase in brain power and energy.               Because your brain is 70% water, it is important to sustain this level. Drinking water helps you think, focus, concentrate and stay alert. Maintaining this fluid level will help improve energy levels.2. Helps with weight management and weight loss.               Water helps remove fat by-products and makes you feel more full. Water also helps in breaking down foods more efficiently and effectively.3. Water flushes toxins out of your body.               Water helps your body flush out waste through sweat and urination. Water also helps maintain kidney function.4. Maintain regularity.               Drinking water helps digest everything you eat, thus helping your body absorb nutrients. Drinking water can prevent constipation.5. Helps regulate body temperature.               Your body needs enough water to regulate your body's temperature through perspiration. Sweat i…

Best Time to Exercise?

Usually, people tend to have strong opinions on best time to exercise and it differs strictly from people to people.Below are some of the characteristics of Morning/Afternoon/Evening workout.Morning workoutThe benefits of a morning workout include:You get your workout done before 9 a.m., accomplishing something some people won’t accomplish all day, a huge ego boost. You’ll also start the day with a brain charged with endorphins, chemicals that leave your brain feeling happy and relaxed.You burn more fat. Those who start their exercise routine on an empty stomach burn about 20 percent more body fat than those exercising later in the day.A morning exercise boosts your metabolism which means you’ll be burning calories throughout the day as you consume them.Morning exercise helps many people get more quality sleep at night, while an evening workout that revs up your system might make sleep more difficult.Afternoon/Evening workoutBenefits include:You can probably get some extra sleep in th…

Healthy Ways to Get Rid of Belly Fat

If you’re trying to lose some of either type of body fat, try one (or a few) of these science-backed tips.
1. Exercise on the regular         Exercise does more than just release endorphins — it actively decreases the amount of visceral fat in your body. Studies have shown that aerobic exercise in particular is very helpful, so try hitting up a fun dance class, going for a walk, or running a few times a week.
2. Take a minute to chill         Stress isn’t just exhausting — it can actually harm your body. A 2000 study linked visceral fat to the stress hormone cortisol, finding that women with more abdominal fat also had more negative moods and a lot more stress in their lives. Tackle both issues by prioritizing stress relief. Whether it’s catching up on a great book, taking a slow-flow yoga class, or soaking in the tub, try to get in some R&R.
3. Second-guess the bread basket         A low carb diet isn’t exactly fun, but it can be an effective way to reduce body fat. Research has shown …

Tips for Burning Body Fat

No matter your reasons for wanting to burn some body fat, focus on getting there through healthy, manageable lifestyle measures like those outlined above:
strength traintry HIITdo some cardiodrink vinegareat proteineat healthy fatsavoid refined carbseat whole grainsget enough fiberlimit alcohol, sodas, and other sweetened drinkstake probioticsdrink coffeekeep your iron levels in checkconsider intermittent fastingconsider the keto dietget enough sleepreduce stress


Below are some of the channels, apps which i have been using throughout my fitness journey:Social Channels:Fittr Facebook Page : Community which is doing Transformations of people, discussing day to day fitness issues.Apps:FITTR on Google Play/App Store: Handy tool in tracking your fitness like BMR, BMI, Weight, checking calorie of food itmes you are using.Youtube:Jordan Yeoh : For doing bodyweight workout at home.Bully Juice : For doing body weight workout at home.

Spreading Awareness

Whatever you have experienced from your past your ongoing journey, try to share your experience, mistakes, learnings and spread awareness in your community as much as you can. You will be amazed to see how it can benefit the community from time to time.You can spread your findings in any which way you are comfortable with:1. Trying to bring topics on Health and fitness at least once in casual discussions with your friends and family.2. Creating a blog and sharing all the information.3. Creating online community on social networks.

Power of Community

1. CHANGE Change sometimes can be challenging because we feel comfortable where we are. But if we don't shift out of our comfort zone we will still be in that very same position we want to get out of. Getting fitter, losing weight, have fun and enjoy training all needs a little push out of the comfort zone. 
2. HEALTH Exercise is good for your health. You only ever have one body in your life and you should be taking care of it as best as you can. Exercise not only helps your physically but also mentally. Like they say, "Healthy body, Healthy mind". Studies have also shown that working out in a community environment extends your life, keep you healthy and can prevent mental deterioration. 
3. FRIENDS It's always better working out with other people. Even better when working out with your mates. There is more motivation, accountability, support, encouragement and the list goes on. Working out with others driven to achieve similar goals work wonders. The members at Hybrid T…